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Predicting Next Year’s Breakout Artists

victorlovesdata victorlovesdata

Nov 27, 2013

At Next Big Sound, we have always been fascinated by the power of data to predict tomorrow’s music stars. Recently we developed an algorithm that creates a list of the emerging artists who are most likely to break out this year. Over time we tweaked this formula enhancing its forecasting ability, to the point that we’ve been able to patent its powers of prediction. This article describes how to pinpoint breakout artists 500 times better than random chance, up to a year in advance.

For instance, in June 2012, both Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky had released acclaimed mixtapes but no studio albums or hit Billboard songs. We predicted both to explode based on their social media data in June 2012. Their debut studio albums opened at #1 and #2 months later on the Billboard 200, with Lamar now counting a total of nine singles that have hit the Hot 100 and A$AP Rocky a total of three. 

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Introducing the Tech Blog, Making Next Big Sound

victorlovesdata victorlovesdata

Nov 26, 2013

We are starting this blog to share some of these techniques that we use to understand how people discover and engage with music. Over the last four years, we have collected data on hundreds of thousands of artists worldwide, drawing from fan interactions on the radio, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, concerts and more. In the tech blog we will delve more deeply into topics such as:

  • how we accurately predict breakout artists a year in advance
  • defining and detailing the spread of DevOps culture
  • how to use a music robot to DJ for your office
  • technical challenges we’ve overcome as a Big Data company
  • what exactly Granger causality is and why it matters
  • and more!

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at Making Next Big Sound!  

davidhoffman davidhoffman

Nov 17, 2013

Reppin’ the NBS Mousepad. 

thecool thecool

Nov 04, 2013

We all want to change the world